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The East Olympia Fire District #6 Operations Division is directed by the Assistant Chief/Operations who manages the emergency response system of the department which protects the life and property of the citizens of East Olympia. This division performs the duties of emergency response readiness, pre-fire planning, public education, and fire prevention including fire safety inspections.

The Operations Division is comprised of a combination of 45 uniformed career and volunteer firefighter/EMTs and 5 fire stations. Daily Operations consist of structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, emergency medical response including motor vehicle accidents, and low angle rescue. The District responds to approximately 950 emergency incidents per year.

Additionally, the Operations Chief is responsible for overseeing fleet maintenance which is performed by a highly skilled on-duty mechanic. The mechanic maintains a fleet of 6 fire engines, 5 water tenders, 2 aid units, an Air Unit, and 6 support vehicles. Facility and ground maintenance are also performed by this division.

Mutual aid and automatic aid response agreements exist with fire departments throughout Thurston County.


                           2016 Firefighter and EMT of the year

  "Firefighter of the Year"
     "EMT of the Year"
Dominique Hester, Firefighter
     Stephen Roeser, Firefighter/EMT


                                          Our Dedicated Team:

Fire Mechanic

Ryan Rohaly, Fire Mechanic


Capt. John Ostergard, FF/FR Volunteer  


Charles Jones, Lieutenant Marc Mueller, Lieutenant Shane Schow, Lieutenant Jerry Smiley, Lieutenant


Matthew Richardson, FF/EMT Kramer Mott, FF/EMT Stephen Roeser, FF/EMT  Kelly Corey, FF/EMT
Aaron MacLean, FF/EMT Andrew Mills, FF/EMT Christopher Crebs, FF/EMT Tyler Salisbury, FF/EMT
Karen Rollman, EMT Volunteer Tony Ramirez, Firefighter Volunteer Gabe Baez, FFFC/EMT Volunteer Erik Ingraham, FF/EMT Volunteer
Troy Smith, FF/EMT Volunteer Devon Lopes, FF/EMT  Volunteer Allen Buckner, FF/EMT Volunteer Kyle Byers, FF/EMT Volunteer
Andrew Rogers, FF/EMT Volunteer Braeden Simon, Firefighter Volunteer Dominique Hester, Firefighter Volunteer Esequiel Espinoza-Baxter, FF/EMT Volunteer
Jordan Stone, FF/EMT Volunteer Monika Sovine,FF/ EMT Volunteer Sara Benson, EMT Volunteer Jennifer Ducummon, Firefighter Volunteer
Gregory Greene, Firefighter Volunteer Cody Blair, FF/EMT Volunteer Matthew Knoetgen, Firefighter Volunteer Alexa Harvey, Firefighter Volunteer
Michael Ingraham FF/EMT Volunteer Hannah Barlow, EMT  Volunteer Jamie Barros, Firefighter Volunteer Alan Munoz, Firefighter Volunteer
Skyler Singleton, Firefighter Volunteer Nikki Simson, FF Recruit Volunteer Nick Falstick FF/EMT Volunteer Brannon Uluiva, Firefighter Volunteer

Fire Suppression Support Services

Jon Cox, Volunteer